Research, how I love you

Well, I love research more when I don’t think it’s research. While I’m writing there’s nothing worse than having to stop to dig up details–so I don’t. I put a few strategically chosen symbols into the text to be replaced by something moderately accurate later…and I go on.

I put things like XXX or EVIL or STINKY–usually in all caps so they are easy to spot when I edit through. There have been a few times I’ve done something different and then totally forgot, and since I tend not to read names in the first place–well, thank goodness for my critique partners and beta readers!! Like this sentence:

…still in school and doing onsite training under the professor of xxx studies through Impressive University.

Did you catch them both? LOL!

ell now I’m off on a different kind of research trip, one I like much better than figuring out which university my character should attend. I’m going to go explore the ocean again. And do some beach combing. Yes, it’s time for the Arend family spring-ish excursion. Last year we traveled to the National Parks of Utah. This year–Mexico.

Yes, I know, life is rough, but damn it I don’t see you guys all volunteerig to come with me when I head to remote cabins with nothing but an outhouse for plumbing. 🙂

I’m going to swim with the dolphins, drink too many margaritas–if there’s such a thing–and dream up new stories. Because I can’t escape the fact it’s still a research trip.

One Response to “Research, how I love you”

  1. Viv.
    I’ll come with you this time.
    I swear. And I won’t complain once.

    Have a brilliant holiday.
    Damn, I’ll miss you.

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