We’ve got a surprise going on around here…

For weeks now we’ve been waiting to shout out to our newest member and over the last little bit we’ve dropped a few hints and even a whole name but now I’d like to formally introduce you to International Heat’s newest author…

J.R. Patrick

Jambrea did a brief intro the other day (https://internationalheat.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/this-just-in/) but I think we need to do this up good and proper. *shrug* Kind of like a party. *grin*

First J.R. has been one of our closest friends for quite some time and we’ve watched J.R. walk the path to publication with our pompom’s waving. I think we were all just as excited as J.R. when that first contract offer came in. I know there was lots of squeeing going on but as I told J.R., squee’s are unlimited so take as many as you want.

So a little about J.R.

The official bio:-

J.R. Patrick has had a love affair with reading from the very first story she devoured as a child. With her teenage years came romances and they opened the door to a whole new world—one in which she’s still happily immersed. On the other side of the coin, J.R. and writing didn’t always get along. To say she is a woman of few words is an understatement and her career as a scientist—where being concise is the order of the day—certainly doesn’t help. Thankfully, her characters believe in perseverance and they whisper, scream, mutter, plead…whatever it takes to get their story told. Even if it’s one word at a time.

You might not have gotten past the scientist bit, possibly wondering what science and romance have to do with each other. To that J.R. answers—it’s all about chemistry.

The first book:-

Only Yours by J.R. Patrick – available March 3rd from Dreamspinner Press.

When Dre asks his boyfriend Nate to move in, Nate leaves in the night without a word. Dre thinks he pushed too hard too fast, but the truth is a little more complicated. Nate is afraid Dre would dump him if Dre knew about his job in adult entertainment. Six months later, Dre is still beating himself up over scaring Nate away when they meet again… at a club where Nate works.

Read a excerpt HERE!

Now a new release wouldn’t be the same without a contest would it? And J.R. isn’t letting us down. Check out the contest running from now until Only Yours releases on March 3rd HERE!

J.R. is giving away a book a day until March 3rd so don’t forget to hope on over to her blog every day until next Wednesday for you chance to win.

And now that we’ve got the business end of welcoming J.R Patrick to International Heat let the party begin! Woot!

Oh, and if you wanna hang out with J.R. head on over to Heat Wave Readers. If you haven’t already joined our reader group sign up and come play. All the members of International Heat can be found there.

11 Responses to “We’ve got a surprise going on around here…”

  1. j.r. patrick Says:

    Could my name be any bigger? lol It’s great to be part of the gang!! Thanks RC!!

    Party hearty!

  2. Oh, JR, you name will just keep on getting bigger and bigger…

  3. It’s about time you came out of the closet! Woot! Go JR! You know I’m loving this!

  4. Finally, I will get a chance to see J.R.’s work in the flesh (so to speak)

  5. Congratulations, JR! I love this book. I know it’s going to be the first of many!

  6. Welcome, JR. And wow, what a way to say hello and announce yourself 🙂 Congrats on the release and yay for coming out of the closet *grin*

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