Guest Blogger: Cindy Jacks

I asked my good friend, Cindy Jacks, to stop by for a visit. You’ll love her post, but before we get to it I have 5 silly questions for her to answer.  We’ll call it payment for blog use. heehee

1.)  Do you ‘toss’ the salad?  What…I like…lettuce.  heehee.
Let’s just say I’m a fan of lettuce, too 😀
2.)  If you could be a fruit, what would you be?
Something juicy, like a mango. Though actually I don’t like the flavor of mango. But it always looks so delicious, especially when a beautiful man takes a mouthful and the juices run down his lips and throat and…wait. What were we talking about?
3.)  What is your sundae topping of choice for foreplay?
Caramel sauce. It’s sweet, sticky, easy to pour and doesn’t stain the sheets like chocolate.
4.)  Edible undies? Yay or nay?
Not just yay, but yippee ki yaaaaaay.
5.)  What is your ideal romantic dinner?
I say skip dinner and go for the strawberries, whipped cream, and red wine…in bed!
Shoot, maybe I should have something to eat. lol Now, on to Cindy’s post.

Rock-in’ the Action Hero Tropes

 Today I’ll be talking about the Rock! And now that I have your attention…lol, hello there, International Heat. I’m so thrilled to be a guest here today. Thank you for having me. So, I was trying to come up with something authorly to write about—Uh oh, my spell check is telling me authorly isn’t a word. Well, doesn’t that just beat all. Sorry, I digress—I was trying to come up with something author-like (ha!) to write about for IH when the perfect topic arose during a discussion with my five-year-old son this morning. Saturday he’d like to see Dwayne Johnson’s latest comedy The Tooth Fairy. Believe me, Mommy doesn’t mind watching the Rock for ninety minutes at all. Needless to say, we’re going this weekend! But then he asked, “Why is it funny that a big hockey player becomes a fairy?” Tamping down the urge to launch into a long, drawn out explanation about laughter being the human response to stimuli that makes us uncomfortable and that the juxtaposition of two seemingly incongruous character tropes would produce the necessary discomfort for said response, I went with the simple version: “It makes us laugh when big men wear girly things. It’s not what they’d usually wear.” And that was enough for DS.

After freezing my butt off at the bus stop and seeing off DS, I sat down to work on my latest WIP while visions of Dwayne danced in my head. It’s a tale of a lycan shifter, with a couple of hot actions scenes. I often think of different actors when crafting my own fictional heroes and when it comes to action, who better to think about than the Rock? He’s run the entire gambit.

He started in movies as a slab of beef in The Mummy Returns and played that role admirably. Diane Wiest’s line from Bullets Over Broadway, “Shhh, no. Don’t speak. Don’t speak!”

In Walking Tall, he portrayed the hero who has seen too much and doesn’t want a fight—really, he doesn’t want to fight. Seriously. All right, fine, he’ll whoop some ass if he must.

Gridiron Gang gave us a glimpse of Mr. Johnson’s emotional range with yet another trope: the tough guy with a heart of gold.

He added super-cool-secret-agent-gone rogue to the list with Get Smart

Race to Witch Mountain gave him the opportunity to show us his unwitting-loser-turned-hero-because-of-circumstances-beyond-his-control.

And now, the Rock has turned another corner in his acting career: the I’m-so-manly-I-can-pull-off-a-silly-emasculating-role-and-still-exude-machismo part. Just like every big-time actress will eventually play a prostitute, every big-time tough guy has to play his big-man-in-a-girly-situation role. Vin did it in The Pacifier. Arnold did it in Kindergarten Cop. Sly did it Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot. It was time for Dwayne to unfurl those fluffy blue fairy wings and claim his place among the action hero superstars. To paraphrase Homer Simpson, mmmmmm….Dwaaaaayne. Whenever I need a uber-masculine actor after which to model a hero, I need look no further than the Rock.

All right, now it’s your turn, tell IH about your favorite studly stereotypes. There are dozens of them and every single one sexy in its own right. Can’t wait to read all about ’em.




14 Responses to “Guest Blogger: Cindy Jacks”

  1. jennifer mathis Says:

    mmm. Dwayne . Oh sorry did you ask a question I got lost looking at those pecs

  2. You know, I don’t really have one. Shame on me! LOL I enjoy eye candy, though, and there is no question that Dwayne is eye candy. (grin) My preference for bodies, though, are swimmer bodies. (grin) I grew up swimming, and I just think those lean long muscles are yummy. Tight butt, six pack abs, broad shoulders. Yeah. Yummy. 😉

  3. I don’t have a specific type either…it’s all about the presentation..strangely I’m not really a Rock fan. He’s too big for my taste.

  4. Cindy,

    Too funy… Thanks for the wake up 😀

  5. Hi Cindy,
    Loved the blog and who can resist the Rock. I’ve totally enjoyed every movie he’s been in. My own personal tastes…Hmmm, I’d have to go with Harrison Ford, he isn’t all muscle like Dewayne, but he was sexy in his own way in Raiders of the Lost Ark and plenty tough, yet he had his funny and tender side. I say YAY!!! to all our heroes, from our dads, to our hubbys to our sons…may they Rock on…Pun intended…Hugs…Tabs

  6. I’m with you, Jennifer. The man makes me forget my name, lol.

  7. Marci – Oh I love swimmer’s bodies, too! I’m an equal-opportunity drooler! Mmmm, Michael Phelps….

  8. Maria – I’ll admit, The Rock is at the *outer* limits of what I consider attractive in terms of size. But like I told Marci, I love the male form in its many, many, many guises 🙂

  9. I knew the edible panties would getcha, Trent, LOL!

  10. Oh Harrison is one of my favorites, Tabitha! Han Solo, the consummate bad-boy-gone-good…what’s not to love? And too right! All the heroes in our lives deserve a round of applause. I write this as I watch my firefighter BF workout. YAY, working out! lol

  11. This is fabulous. Don’t you love it when such an inncoent question sparks all kinds of goodies???

    I don’t have a type either… I love the Rock…I love Nic Cage…so can’t get much different…LOL…

    Thanks for a great time Cindy!

  12. And thank you for stopping by, Brigit! I agree, Nicolas Cage is yummy, too. So many men, so little time! 😉

  13. sherryricardo Says:

    YUM! The Rock is so hot!

    I love action heroes. I love tough guys that have that one soft spot for that special man. Okay, okay. Or woman. 😀

  14. LOL, well said, Sherryl!

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