We Have New Pets!

After Lexxie Couper posted about her fun with her pet Yabbies, I felt it only right to continue the tradition.

Since we have recently, er, acquired three new pets, I thought I’d introduce you to them. Yes, I know you’re gasping:

“Three new pets? Living in one house in Sydney all at the same time? Are you nuts?”

My answer is simple. “Nope. We’re not nuts. We’re simply too terrified to ever consider another option.”

“Terrified?” you ask. “Whatever are you talking about?”

Well, I’m talking about Harry, Helen and Havocado. (Havocado was the littlest Dee’s choice for a name, as he LOVES avocados and thinks of the world in terms of this  fruit.)

So, how did we acquire these newest additions?  Um, we didn’t really. They sort of acquired us. See, I walked through the passage by our bedrooms one day, and there was Helen, sitting high on the wall, looking innocently at me through everyone of her eight eyes.

I tried not to panic, took a deep breath, and ignored her. (Heck, what would you do if a spider of that size caught your eye?)

When I walked into my bathroom, I came face to face with Helen’s hubby, Harry. Like to meet him?

Harry Huntsman

Harry is approximately double the size of Helen. (Yep, it’s always fun walking into a bathroom and coming face to face with a giant spider.)

So, who are Harry and Helen?

Well, they are the Hunstmans.

“You gave them a last name?” you query, shocked.

“No,” I answer. “They are Huntsmans. Huntsman spiders”.

Huntsman spiders grow to a body length of 20mm and legs up to 45mm. Contrary to their size, they are not dangerous to humans – altho they can bite pretty painfully. However, generally they are timid animals and will run away from you. But don’t provoke a female spider guarding her eggs. She can get mean! The Huntsman Spider often wanders into homes and is found perched on a wall. They are able to move sideways at lighting-fast speed.

“How do you know all this,” you ask, your eyes wide.

“Hon – you’d also know this if you had a family of Huntsman living in your home with you.”

Okay, so I may be stretching the truth here. I have no idea if Harry and Helen are married, and I have no idea if Havo is really their son. I’d expect Havo to have loads of siblings hanging around with him, but so far have seen no trace of them. (I wanted to take a photo of Havo, coz he’s really quite a sweet fellow. But I guess he must have been resting when I got out the camera, coz I couldn’t find him anywhere.)

“Okay, Jess, so why on earth don’t you get rid of them?” (Yes, I can see you shake her head in amazement. I know you’re thinking, just how dumb is this woman?)

And my answer is, “I’ve grown pretty fond of them. I enjoy having them around. Besides they eat other insects, and I have noticed there’s been a scarcity of mozzies this hot, humid summer.”

“Honestly?” you ask. “Is that truly why Helen, Harry and Havo are still with you?”

Reluctantly I shake my head.

“Nope. The Huntsmans are still with us because I am too damn scared to get rid of them. Would you touch a spider that size??? And – the only person I know more reluctant to catch them and free them elsewhere (okay more freaked out by the idea than I am), is Mr Dee. So until such time is our newest residents move on to greener pastures, we have ourselves some more pets.”

Now, I ask – “Anyone wanna come stay at our place?”



15 Responses to “We Have New Pets!”

  1. Jeez. Get the spray and kill them!!
    I’m not generally mean that way but Princess & the Pea has a nasty scar on the back of her neck from a Huntsman. Seriously, get rid of them!
    If you want mossie eaters get a few Daddy Long Legs spiders, their fangs aren’t big enough to pierce human skin.
    Oh, and did you know that Huntsman’s can jump? Yep, over six feet. Bet you’re getting that spray now or a really big shoe.

    • Six Feet? LMAO!!

      I bet Jess has something to say about that!

      • Yeah, I think I hear her scream from here. LOL

      • Ya know, when we lived in South Africa we had parktown prawns, or as we called them, ginger gogos. (Gogos are Afrikaans slang for insects.) They are basically deep ginger coloured massive crickets that scare the bejeepers out of you. Generally found in your shoes, and only discovered when you shove your foot in and your toes get stuck for some horrifying reason. Now those buggers can jump. And once you’ve seen a parktown prawn jump, anything else is child’s play – including a little ol’ huntsman.

    • But, but, but Harry and I showered together this morning. How could I spray him now?

      • You need to send him around here. We’ve dealt with two already this morning. I think they may have drowned before any of the poison got to them though. *grin*

  2. my partner’s from north queensland, thanks to living in high ceilinged houses, he has the knack of hurling a book at the wall just hard enough to kill, not hard enough to splatter.

    Natural, and one doesn’t run the risk, as people i know have, of getting bitten when one falls off the ceiling and into your bed. The huntsmen get tetchy if rolled on.

    Had you thought what will happen when they breed? Thousands of tiny huntsmen, coming down like a cloud – had it happen a few times – eek! If you want spiders in the house, let the Daddy Long Legs in, as said above, they eat other spiders. It occurs to me that if huntsmen can get in, so can funnelwebs.

    • Hmm, now if Huntsman spiders falling off the ceiling into bed are dangerous, what about the books as they begin their downward motion? LOL. I’d be sure to knock myself out trying that.

      As for the breeding part. Yech. I just got cold shivers.

  3. Jess, I don’t think I will be visiting. I hate all spiders. I say get the spray or a shoe.

  4. Rhonda – I don’t have a big enough shoe.
    Can you lend me a ski boot?

  5. sherryricardo Says:


  6. Lordy, Jess! Much as I’d love to visit, I’m going to have to postpone until your current houseguests depart. Aiyiyiyiyiyi!!! My daughter has gotten several spider bites, and I’d haaaaate to share a house with spiders that big! I know they have their positive points, but I’m too stunned by their sheer size to contemplate them…

  7. Jess, this is PERFECT!! I love it! And yes, I would come and stay at your place any time 🙂

    • LOL, Lex, you have to worry about your pets eating each other.
      I have to worry about our pets eating US!

      And you know you have a place to stay anytime you’re in Sydney.

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