Ellen Margret has HEART!

All Romance eBooks Has Heart…

During the month of love, when everyone’s attention is focused on matters of the heart, All Romance eBooks (ARe) is helping to fight the number one killer of women, heart disease, with their 28 Days of Heart campaign.

Beginning February 1, 2010, ARe, the digital bookseller that owns All Romance (www.allromance.com) and OmniLit (www.omnilit.com), will release one new novella  per day for twenty-eight consecutive days. All proceeds from the sale of these shorts will be donated to the American Heart Association. Indulge yourself this year for Valentines Day—enjoy one of each, and know you are helping a worthy cause at the same time.


I was thrilled to have my story, Tor: Viking Master, accepted by ARe for their 28 days of heart. It released on February 13.

Tor: Viking Master

Sometimes love is sweeter than revenge…

When Tor comes upon the Saxon woman who killed his brother, he takes her as his slave to make her pay for her crime. Maida is innocent of the murder Tor accuses her of, but until she can convince him of the truth, she must endure his torment.

When the Viking jarl finally realizes his mistake, he also knows he’s fallen deeply in love with Maida. But if he frees her, how can he keep her?


I hope that all of the books in the 28 days of heart series sell well. The American Heart Association will benefit, and this is wonderful. I lost my aunt to heart disease. She was more of a best friend than an aunt, and she died too young. Her father and brother, my grandfather and uncle also died of heart disease, so I’m pleased to be able to do something positive, in the hope of helping others.

I love writing Viking stories. Those who fantasise about being whisked off in a longboat by a hunky, handsome Viking, who seems cruel at first but later turns out to have a soft heart, might well enjoy my story. I loved writing it, but then I love writing! I’ve written about Pirates, Knights, Highwaymen, Adventurers, angels, and aliens…I won’t go on, but I will say that writing keeps me sane. It’s my form of escapism. If you’d like to take a look at my website, then here it is:-


Also, I’d love to hear from you. There is a guestbook. So, fingers crossed that lots of money is raised for Heart Research. Have a good day, everyone.

Order your copy here!

Ellen Margret

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