Tilly Greene has HEART!

Bring on the Heat!

Hello, everyone.  My name is Tilly Greene, an erotic romance author, and I wrote “And She Scores” for the ARe 28 Days of Heart project that benefits the American Heart Association

February, where I am, is cold.  You see, I’m from a much warmer clime and I need help finding some warmth as winter peaks.  Hot chocolate and soups are what I flock towards, and their all right, but I seek out books that scream heat!  It just so happens I was visiting my hometown when I “And She Scores” and yes, I ramped up the temperature.

The Santa Ana winds are raging out of control and that brings hot dry air and the risk of wildfires, which are also burning out of control – thankfully not where my couple is dealing with some serious issues.  With the winds comes beautiful sunsets and encourage romance.  They take a walk along the beach, waves lapping around their feet, and holding hands.  Oh my, my tootsies are already feeling toastier.  Care to get warm?  Hide from shoveling the snow?  How about a hint of what the story is about?

Football’s pre-season is about to begin and, defensive end and captain, Patrick Conway is returning from what could’ve been a career ending injury.  Sarah Winters, focused on making a career as a respected reporter in an all male sport, is about to conduct his first interview.  Did I mention they used to date?  Were driven apart by lies?  Still cared for each other?  Or that her first sight of him is in the locker room, shirtless, and sweating from his workout?  No?  

What could possibly happen between these two, while at a major arena, with a ton of people around them?  To find out, you’ll need to visit All Romance or OmniLit, and pick up a copy of “And She Scores”.   Remember, each ebook you buy, the proceeds go to the American Heart Association

Tilly Greene

WARNING!  Red hot romances ahead!


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  1. Can you post more about this please, and let me know by emailing me ? Emmett Jacinthe

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