Double header release day

…and you need to break out the ice and turn up the fans because whooooooweee, we’re gonna make it a hot one.

Okay, time to have a little fun. Lexxie’s trapped on the other side of the globe, and she’s 15 hours into the future, so I get to take control here. ***chuckles evilly***

I asked Lex what was the hottest paragragh in her book. Just one. She had a hard time choosing and sent me a whole bunch and I thought…damn if I’m going to pick just one of these. So YOU get to read them all!!!

Warning. Hot? HAWT. MOLTENNNN!!!


Blood, boiling to a point of exquisite agony, tore through his veins, surging into his already turgid cock. “Oh, Evron! ” Ricki moaned, pulling him closer with her thighs. Like melted wax, Shahla’s hot hands slid over his ass cheeks. Scalding his flesh. Evron jerked in pain, ramming deeper into Ricki’s gripping cunt. “Oh God, Evron!  More!”


The vaporous mouth gobbling on his shaft plunged deeper down his length. The throaty chuckle he was already beginning to dread echoed in his mind. Interesting. It seems Darius’ tastes run strong in your blood. A force of pressure slid along the sweating space between his balls and his ass. Something that felt like a finger of liquid fire pressed on the tightly puckered hole. Pressing, pressing…in.


Pale breasts, full and heavy, brushed against his face. It was impossible, but he felt them all the same. As Ricki drew her mouth over one of his nipples, Shahla dragged one of her nipples over his mouth. She was not there, but he felt the hot puckered tip of flesh on his lips all the same. And before he could stop himself, he touched his tongue to it.


Oh yeah, Timeless Wrath is a hot read!! Snippet from Claiming Derryn? I posted one a few days ago here at International Heat, and there’s a sweet one at my blog.


Claiming Derryn

How many layers of deception are there in space?

When a trade negotiation goes wrong, Melina Davenport is sure she’ll end up either a casualty of war or a sex slave. Discovering one of her missing partners, Trev, is the new leader of the rebels who have captured her adds insult to injury.

But when her former lover whisks her away to a reunion with their third, Davis—now captain of the notorious outlaw vessel Nottingham—she has to decide if she wants to join her two lovers in their important but less-than-legal activities. Time is running out. The authorities are hunting them, the rebels are bomb crazy and the local fauna is reproducing at an astonishing rate aboard their vessel.

If they don’t find a solution soon, they can kiss the universe goodbye.

Timeless Wrath

A book in the Going Down Under series.

Beatrice “Ricki” Sullivan is every man’s fantasy. Drop-dead gorgeous, she exudes a sensuality none can ignore. More than just a stunning face and body, she’s intelligent, kind, gentle…and madly, inexplicably in love with Evron, a man she’s known mere hours.

Evron McKenzie is troubled, struggling with undeniable anger that scorches through his veins. And the irrational feeling he is someone else, something more. Someone rich, powerful…someone to fear. But in Ricki’s arms, Evron may have finally found his place in the world. At last he is at peace.

So who is the seductive redhead who invades Evron’s dreams? Why does she urge him to touch a mysterious sculpture—a sculpture that seems to radiate death and sin? How can she make him hornier than he’s ever been in his life with just a look, and at the same time turn his anger into bloody, murderous rage? And, more frighteningly, why can’t he resist her?

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title Deadly Sins: Anger, and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.

Reader Advisory: Sex and violence abound in this terrifically intense tale; big-girl pants definitely required.

Claiming Derryn available here

and Timeless Wrath here.

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  1. LOL Yay for us, Viv! Let’s conquer the world. I’ll take Australia, you take deep space and we’ll go from there 🙂

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