Today is my day to post on the blog.  But what to post about? I have a couple up coming blogs. One will be about Love and one will be about writing a sequel, so what do I write about today, for this blog?  lol  Maybe I’ll just do a visual blog today.  Here is a peek at my favorites saved on YouTube.  🙂

Let’s start with one of the greatest m/m kisses.  I LOVE this video.

I became addicted to this story line of a Spanish Soap Opera. I spent a whole weekend on it. lol Max and Iago.  *sigh* This is the first clip, but…it is addictive. It is a gay story line.

Here is a song my hubby is learning. I LOVE the way this sounds and…I think my hubby’s sounds better. lol  I might be bias.

I love these songs!

Here are a couple of my book trailers.

Some great dances for So You Think You Can Dance.

A few Queer as Folk clips. – Love this moment

4 Responses to “Um…Yeah”

  1. sherryricardo Says:

    Youtube fan? lol

    • Maybe a little. lol I save all kinds of stuff. I also have songs saved that gave me ideas so I can go back and listen when I’m ready to write the story. lol

  2. Nice collection of stuff, Brea 😉

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