MIA – One author

I know, I know, it seems like I’ve fallen off the planet around here and everywhere else in cyberland but that’s not quite where I went. LOL I did go all the way to the bottom of the earth though. Yep, the move (still in progress) back to our home country of Australia is proving to be a lot more difficult than the move to Singapore was three years ago. *sigh*

We still aren’t in our house, so we’ve taken over the downstairs of my in-laws house. There are bags everywhere! Our furniture is on a slow boat to China and won’t arrive for another three weeks but that’s allowed Hubby to get a heap of stuff done on our house. Did I mention the work crew consists of him, my father-in-law, son#1, Princess One, Princess & the Pea, The Kid, mother-in-law and ME!!!!

I swear, even on my biggest writing days my fingers have never ached this much. I’m scared they’ll never recover. My brain is whirling at a thousand miles an hour with stories that need to be written but the body just isn’t up to doing it, not that Hubby is giving me any time to do it!

On a bright note, during this monsterous move I have managed to get my contract for Coyote Home sent and hopefully will know a rough release date by the end of Jan. Fingers crossed I’m not wrists deep in paint when that email comes in.

2010 is starting off busy and I’m looking forward to getting into our house and settling down to a more normal life. Oh, that’s right, we don’t do normal in our house. *grin*


One Response to “MIA – One author”

  1. vivianarend Says:

    Normal is a setting on the dryer, darling.

    Never change.

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