Rough Cut release

Rough Cut is the third book in my Black & White collection, a series of wicked fantasies available at Samhain Publishing now! In Erotic Research, role playing is explored while Tequila Truth titillated the trio of main characters with a red hot menage. Rough Cut moves into the BDSM realm, where the lines between pleasure and pain are sometimes blurred.

When the screen fades to black, all that remains is love.

Ty Ransome. Reigning king of Hollywood, producer, actor, Look Magazine’s Hottest Man Alive. He has it all—until he reads a book of short stories that touches him in places kept carefully hidden from the tabloid gossip mill. There’s only one way to meet the introverted writer—invite her to Tinseltown to work on a script. The moment he sees her, he realizes why her work haunts him. There’s something missing in his life, and it’s her.

Gwen steps off the plane with reservations. For one thing, her darkly sexual stories are hardly movie material. Then there’s Ty’s reputation as a ladies’ man. Yet she’s won over by his charm and agrees to stay on for a week to get to know him before making her decision. And as the days go by, she discovers there’s far more to Ty than a handsome face.

They eat, drink and breathe the characters in their screenplay, re-enacting scenes that delve into the BDSM realm, setting Ty free to unleash his powerful cravings and exposing Gwen’s deepest needs. Needs she set free on paper…but is not sure she’s ready to make a reality.

Warning: This title contains all the following Tinseltown essentials: explicit sex on a movie set, anal play in a mansion, BDSM with a hot movie star, capture fantasies while writing a screenplay, bondage in a limo, and, oh yeah, some graphic language—sorry about that.

Read excerpt.

6 Responses to “Rough Cut release”

  1. If my laptop spontaneous combusts while reading this book, I’m blaming you. :-p Congrats on the New Release. Hugs!

  2. Natasha A. Says:

    Oh Congrats Mari!!
    I hope to pick this up soon….

  3. WOO HOO!!! Congrats Mari on a new release! Thank you, thank you for another great read….off to get my copy! Cant go wrong with a Mari Carr book… me!


  4. Aw–thanks y’all. You sure did put a big smile on my face today!

  5. Well done, Mari. Huge congrats on Rough Cut’s release.

  6. YAY

    CONGRATS Mari!


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