Going All In Releases at Samhain

I am thrilled to announce that my new novella, Going All In, is now available at Samhain Publishing.

This is the story that started out as a 10k m/f/m menage, and before I knew it grew into a longer novella, with m/m/f loving.

It’s a quick easy read, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.



The higher the stakes, the harder they fall—in love.

Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are tearing her apart. She’s in love with two of her fellow card players, and much as she’d like to pick and confess her true feelings to one man, she won’t. Not if it means risking the love of the other.

Hunter Miles has wanted Julia for four months, and he’s about to deal a hand she couldn’t see coming. He’s determined to give her a New Year’s Eve celebration she never expected. He’s going to seduce her—in front of his friend and rival for her affections, Jay Baxter. But Jay’s not willing to lay down his cards. He’s going after Julia too, and he’s not above bluffing to get what he wants. Either way, one of them is going to win her over.

Unless they change the rules of the game. If they double up, there’s a chance they can split the pot…

Warning: This book contains two hunky heroes, a heroine worth betting on, sizzling hot three-way action (m/f/m and m/m/f), a whole lot of unexpected fireworks and a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Going All In: An Excerpt

(Be warned…very hot!)

“Do you have any condoms?”

Hunter gave her a final kiss on her clit and drew away. “A box full,” he said as he stood. “In my bedroom.”

Before she could head in that direction, Hunter kissed her. A full, open-mouthed kiss that made her dizzy. He tasted of man and of Hunter and of sex—her sex, and she drank from him thirstily. Then she turned to Jay and kissed him in the same fashion. Her head swam, her body burned and desire tugged her between her legs, making her moan into Jay’s mouth.

“Bedroom. Now!” Hunter demanded, ending the kiss.

She followed Hunter through the house, watching as he stripped his clothes off along the way. His shirt came first, followed by his jeans and boxers, which he kicked off as he reached his bedroom door. Julia stopped to take in the firmness of his extraordinary butt, and noticed a faded, thin scar that ran along one cheek.

Jay walked into her from behind, distracting her.

The feel of hot flesh against her bare bottom told her he’d pulled off his own pants on the way. His rigid cock poked her spine, leaving tiny drops of moisture on her back.

“Boys,” she said in a throaty voice. “I need you to fuck me. Now.”

Jay lifted her up from behind and carried her to Hunter’s bed. He laid her down and knelt on the floor in front of her.

“My turn,” he said, and dipped his head to lick her pussy.

“Hunter!” Julia groaned in desperation as sensation hit her. “Damn it, get that condom on, or it’ll be over before you’re even inside me.” Shoot, she was close. So bloody close she wasn’t sure she could hold on.

Hunter turned to her. His proud erection stood thick between his legs. It was slightly curved and sheathed with a condom. In his hand he held a tube of lubricant and a second condom.

On second thought, she would hold on. She’d do anything to get that cock inside her.

“It’s on, Four Eyes,” he assured her and sat on the bed. “You chose well. I’m an ass man,” he said, and proceeded to coat his condom with lube. “Nothing I’d like more than to explore your hot back end with my dick.”

Julia clenched her ass, wanting nothing more than for Hunter to fuck her from behind.

Jay released her clit from his heavenly mouth. “And I am more than happy to take possession of your pussy, Jules. Permanently.” His eyes shone with heated promise.

Okay, there was something she wanted more than Hunter fucking her from behind: Hunter fucking her from behind while Jay fucked her from the front.

(Well, I warned you it was hot!)

You can get your copy of Going All In at My Bookstore and More


9 Responses to “Going All In Releases at Samhain”

  1. tennismom mary g Says:

    Only Jess Dee can make the nickname “Four Eyes” sexy!!!.

  2. You did warn. lol

    “Bedroom. Now!” – I thought this was Essi’s line. ROFL!!

  3. WHEW! Hose me down…it is HAWT in here! Another great one Jess! Dayumn girl how do you do it?

    Thanks for the great reads!


  4. Just finished reading it this morning. Loved it.

  5. JJJ – is it Mari’s line? :O
    I’m guilty of plagiarism!

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