T’s Top Three

My turn snuck upon me again. I’ve been seriously absent of late and I have to apologize for that. Hopefully, with the New Year coming up, things will change and I can really get myself back into the swing of things and have some more interviews for you. But, in the mean time I thought I’d share with you three of my absolute favorite reads this year, those stories that stick with you no matter what the ones you just want to scream from the top of your lungs BUY THIS ONE NOW!!!

Texas Surrender by Claire Thompson


JD Reed can never resist a challenge, and Avery Dalton is no exception. Determined to seduce and claim the tattooed, tough cowboy, JD teases and taunts his prey until he goes too far. In a battle of wills that turns physical, the sexual tension seething just below the surface explodes like a Texas tornado that sweeps them both off their feet.


David’s Dilemma by Lynn Lorenz


When David’s father moves in, David loses more than his study. He loses his life. His father has Alzheimer’s and each day is a struggle for both of them. His father’s blunt, bigoted attitudes about David’s lifestyle, friends and neighbors pushes David out of his circle of support and into a world of loneliness, repeated conversations, and the fear that his father will wander off or burn down the house while David’s at work.

With David’s life in turmoil, now is not the right time to meet a man. And definitely not the time to try to have a romantic relationship. But when his father does wander off, David turns to the local police for help, and he meets Detective Travis Hart.

Travis’s life is not much better. Just coming off a nasty break up with his much younger lover, Travis struggles with his attraction to David. A rebound romance is not what Travis is looking for; he wants commitment and forever. Both men realize what they really need at this point in their lives is not a lover, but a best friend.

Through phone calls, they begin a friendship and share the moments in their days, David’s coping with his father and Travis’s struggle with his job as a cop. But as their friendship and attraction turns into the love, David’s father spirals deeper into a disease that robs him of memory and replaces it with fear and delusions, until the situation becomes something that neither David or Travis ever expected…


Gemini by Chris Owen (warning twincest)


Gent is a little wild, a little jaded maybe. When he meets Paul, he thinks he might just have found someone fresh and new, someone who’ll play, maybe someone who will be more than a one night stand.

Pretty quick, though, Gent finds out with Paul he gets more than he bargained for. He gets Jamie, too, Paul’s twin, who wants him just as much as Paul does. Gent thinks maybe he’s in over his head, in for a weird triangle that he can’t handle, but as the three come together in an explosion of passionate fireworks, beginning to explore a whole new world of heat, he learns that there can be a lot more fun in having two.


I have so many more favorite reads this year but I will leave  you with these three, since I don’t think you want be here reading all day 😀 If you want to read some see more of what I’ve been reading this year, stop over at my BLOG (http://ebookaddict2.blogspot.com) and check our reviews.


5 Responses to “T’s Top Three”

  1. WOW DOG! Thanks for the ringing endorsement, T! I glad you had as much fun reading Texas Surrender as I had writing it! Yeeehaw! Claire

  2. vanessacygnebleu Says:

    Hi T!
    All of these sound great! Already have Texas Surrender on my to read list. I’m adding David’s Dilemma’ as well. The characters have already grabbed me. Have a Happy Holiday!


  3. Well, all I can is, Yeeehaw, Thank you ma’am! 😉

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