Blog Topic?

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what to blog about so today will be a hodgepodge of things. At first I thought it would be easier, but that was before I found out it is Wed. and not Thurs. lol If it was Thurs., I’d throw up a snippet and that would be that. But…*sigh* it’s only Wed. Not only is it Wed., but it is also only NINE days until Christmas. Where the heck did this year go!

Hmmm…I did read a really good free read the other day. Finding Chandler by Claire Thompson. It’s part of a new series she is doing called The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay. If you click on Finding Chandler, it will take you to the site to download your free read. Finding Chandler is a really great story and made me cry both sad and happy tears. I love this series and can’t wait until book two. Heck…I can’t wait for Drew’s story. (He’s the bartender)

What else….oh!  Next year is shaping up. Jan. 11th my first print book will be release from Total e-Bound. It’s the Over the Moon Anthology with my story Dreams in it. March 1st should be the release of the AACT Anthology with my story Stealing Michael and May 3rd is my Retribution’s release. Both of these are also with Total e-Bound. All dates are subject to change, but that is what it looks like right now. 🙂 Oh…in Aug., I should have a free read with TeB as well.  I wonder what I’ll write about?

Speaking of writing, I’m working on a couple things.  Wishing Star is an m/m, Semper Fi: Ben my next marine story and some rewrites. I’m trying to stay busy. 🙂

I think that is all the randomness I have for you today!  lol

Oh…I forgot!  How I could forget, I don’t know, but Magnus has received a couple great reviews and I have an interview up!

Romance Junkies Review

Manic Readers Review

The Romance Studio

Twenty Questions

One Response to “Blog Topic?”

  1. Thanks for the mention, I really appreciate it! Hard at work on Book 2: A Test of Love. This one will have suspense and intrigue. A darker look at the dangers of getting involved with someone you don’t know that much about!

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