Monday ramblings…

Have you ever thought of all the things we do?  How do we keep up with everthing?  I’m talking about your web site, your blog, the 5 gazillion Yahoo groups, Twitter, Facebook, My Space, Live Journal, etc… etc…  I can’t keep up.

I thought it would be ‘cool’ and the ‘in’ thing to have all those accounts, but wow, it’s really time consuming.  It’s taking time away from other things I’d like to do.  You know, like read. 

Although, I can say that Twitter is fun, and Facebook is much more interesting than I gave it credit for, it’s still a lot of work.

For you authors out there, do you think it’s worth it to be on all the social networking sites?  Does it drive sales?  Does it help you at all?  Or is it an exercise in futility?

Well, there you have it.  My ramblings for today…


3 Responses to “Monday ramblings…”

  1. I find twitter and facebook fun and much easier to pull away from than yahoo loops. Yahoo loops are very time-consuming. I’ve weeded down my list to 22 and most of those are newsletter only. I just don’t have the time to devote to loops anymore.

    myspace-I still don’t understand. lol

  2. vivianarend Says:

    I’ve deliberately NOT gotten into facebook, and try to just keep my website as the ‘happening place to be’.

    Twitter, AND Yahoo (Amen to that Joy) I turn off when I want to write or it is VERY distracting,

    I don’t think I use twitter so much for promo as to hang out and have some fun. So that’s a good use of wasting my time. 🙂

  3. Twitter and Yahoo are my addiction. Facebook, it was fun for a while, now I would be perfectly happy deleting my profile.

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