Friday Eve Snippet.

I’m a little behind the eight ball here. I have the flu, we’re moving countries in a week and The Kid broke his arm last weekend. Oh yeah, life is just full of good times right now. LOL

Anyway, I thought I’d share a piece of Coyote Home because…..


I have no exact dates or anything yet but the Whispering Mountain Coyote Pack are coming in 2010. (I still can’t believe that!) So here’s a little of Quinn and Rowan, unedited of course so all mistakes are my own!


Quinn’s control snapped. Like the crack of a whip, it echoed in his mind and his body moved. Thought fled and instinct took over. Arms curled under her back, he wrapped his hands around her shoulders. His fingers dug into her soft skin in a death grip that left his knuckles white. Flexing his hips he withdrew from her clasping sheath and slammed back in. Withdraw. Advance. Withdraw. Advance. The rhythm hard and fast, exactly what she’d asked for. What his body craved.

Wet slapping noises filled the air, mingled with the scent of arousal to make a potent aphrodisiac to their already over-stimulated senses. She met him thrust for thrust. Pounding in and out of the tight vise of her body, Quinn knew only one thing. Rowan. His coyote howled as he claimed his mate and Quinn grunted with every lunge forward. With each pass along her rippling channel her body jerked beneath his, restricted by his weight, her movements minimal. The hot slide of his cock on her moist flesh sent fire shooting into his balls and up his spine.

Quickening his pace, Quinn powered his hips, the soft curves of her ass cushioning each blow his thighs made when they connected. He tucked his head to latch his mouth around a nipple. Suckling the hard tip he used his teeth to scrape the tender bud. Rowan bucked and thrashed, her pussy spasming around his cock. Her quivering walls milked him and his balls squeezed tight. He drove into her, ground his pubic bone against her clit and set off an explosion.

She erupted under him. Her vagina clamped hard, held tight to his shaft. He dragged his length out and surged back in. He rode her, pistoned in and out of her pulsing flesh until the fireball in his groin took him. Molten lava roared through him and burst free to spill in Rowan’s core. No part of him went unscorched. Every muscle rigid as he strained against her, buried to the hilt in her writhing body. Exhausted, Quinn collapsed on top of her.

Sweat dripped down his forehead, coated his skin and pooled between them. Their chests slid as they pulled in great gulps of air in an attempt to satisfy oxygen starved lungs. He tingled from head to toe and was sure he’d see stars if he opened his eyes. Rowan squirmed beneath him and his cock twitched with renewed life. Still locked inside her depths, Quinn felt the last of her orgasm subside. Each squeeze of muscle a tantalizing reminder of the peak they’d just ascended.

With the little energy he had left, Quinn rolled to the side. He took Rowan with him until they lay in reverse. Her splayed on top of him. His erection, still semi-hard in spite of the climax he’d just had, slid to leave only the head breaching her opening. Rowan moaned and her pussy fluttered, the grip on the sensitive gland at the crown hardened his shaft further. Her nipples prodded his ribs as she rocked her hips, the roll allowing his cock to slide in then out of her. He groaned. She moved again.

Hands on her hips, Quinn turned her rock into a thrust. Stroke after stroke, he bucked up into her willing body. Slow and steady, he moved within her, drawing it out, taking his time to love her. Her walls held him like a glove. Warm and wet, he slid along rippling muscles, their combined cum lubricating the way. His fingers pressed into the flesh of her ass, kneading the cheeks, he pulled her up and down his erection faster. She spread her palms on his chest and bracing her arms, sat astride him.

The angle of penetration changed, rubbing sensitive spots, eliciting moans from both of them. Rising to her knees, Rowan began to ride him. Slow slide up, fast drop down. She set a rhythm that teased. The pace remained unhurried, and Quinn enjoyed the vision before him. Back arched, head thrown back, she rode him. She took them both on a leisurely journey to paradise. Unlike the frenzied, breathless rush of their first coupling, this unhurried pace satisfied his initial intention of a slow, thorough loving.

Rowan’s breasts bounced with her movements and he couldn’t resist cupping them in his palms. He curled his fingers and molded her supple flesh, testing the weight and brushing her nipples with a sweep of his thumbs. The little cries of delight slipping from her throat spurred him on and he pinched the buds until they puckered tight. Their dark brown color looked like drops of chocolate on her creamy skin. Surging up, he sucked first one and then the other between his lips.

Coated in his saliva, they sparkled. With finger and thumb he pulled and pinched one while his mouth went to work on its twin. He opened his jaw wide, sucked in as much as he could and flicked his tongue across the peak. She thrust her chest into his face, forced more of her mound past his lips. Greedy, he took what she offered. Pulling back, he scraped his teeth gently along her skin. When he got to her nipple he bit harder and tugged. Her pussy tightened around his cock and she rode him faster.

He reached between them, used his fingers to locate the bundle of nerves at the top of her slit. The bud, already popped from its protective hood, was covered in slick cream. Circling the nub, he kept his tempo in time with hers. If she sped up so did he. When she slowed down, he did too. Rowan soon worked out his actions and took advantage. With a skill that came from her sensual nature, she used him to take her over the edge. She bucked and rolled her pelvis, drawing him with her on her way to the top.

It started with tiny quivers and turned into clasping spasms. Her climax rushed through her. Her muscles convulsed in a rolling motion, from the base of his cock to the tip, they surrounded him. He felt the burn in his balls as he hit the peak and went over. His sac pulled up tight and shot cum through his shaft like a bullet from a gun, the recoil jolting his hips. A grunt escaped around the breast in his mouth and he let it go to pull Rowan’s face to his, claiming her lips in a breath stealing kiss as the last of his seed spilled deep inside her.

Quinn cupped her head in his hands and staring into her eyes, he said the words he’d waited what seemed like a lifetime to say.

“Welcome home, Rowan.”

Squeeeeee………. the coyotes are coming! *grin


7 Responses to “Friday Eve Snippet.”

  1. Hot damn! Ellora’s Cave. I’m so excited for you, I could bust! WOOT!!!

  2. vivianarend Says:


    So good an excerpt, and GREAT news!

    2010 is going to ROCK!!!

  3. Wow!
    That is…um….hot!

    Congrats on your contract!!! Woot!

  4. A wonderful excerpt and congratulations on your contract. I’ll keep a look out for the series.

  5. Congratulations!

    The excerpt was soooo good.

  6. YES!
    The Coyotes are coming to EC.
    Congrats RC.

  7. Congrats RC, what a coup! Looking forward to seeing the book go ‘live’.

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