It’s the end of the year as we know it

It’s the end of the year, and how do I know it for sure? Simple. Apart from all the Chrissie decorations going up, the endless carols playing in shopping centres and the general festive holiday feel, school breaks up tomorrow.

Ah yes, the Dee household has been blessed (note the sarcasm dripping from that word) with a school that closes a good week earlier than all the others. So instead of a healthy 6 week summer vacation, we get a good 7-8 weeks of quality summer time with our kids at home. 7-8 weeks. With kids. At home. As in not in school. For 7-8 weeks.

The last week has been lots of fun. (Did someone say they might have detected a little sarcasm in that statement as well?) We’ve engaged in the mad scramble to get just the right “thank you” gift for each of the teachers. (Who woulda thought the kids had so many teachers?) We’ve hopped from one school concert to the next, enjoyed graduation ceremonies, sat through music/orchestra presentations, smiled through gift presentations, and now the cherry on the top: we have to build a bigger house. Little Dee and littler Dee are bringing home all of their school folders and files. Everything they’ve made/created/ done at school for the last year is now coming to live with them. Forever. Don’t get me wrong. I adore my kids. And every day I find another thing to love about them. But crates of never to be looked at again junk work from school I can do without. And so can my house.

On the up side, it’s school holidays. Which means no more early mornings. No more desperate attempts to wake sleeping children. No more mad scrambles to get to school on time. (We never do. We’re always late.) And perhaps most importantly, no more school lunch! Not for 7-8 weeks. (For those of you who have never known the trauma of making school lunch for your children everday, look up to the skies and thank your lucky stars.)

For now it’s only fun we have to look forward to. Sun drenched days spent at the beach or by the pool. Sleep ins. Sleep overs. Movies whenever we want to see them. Theme parks. A week away (hopefully.) Late nights. Late sunsets, New Year’s Eve fire works. And a new book releasing (Going All In – which interestingly enough includes late nights, sleep overs, New Year’s and fire works.)

Ah yes. It’s the end of the year as we know it, and despite all my bitching and moaning I have to say. I’m looking real forward to the holidays.


Wishing you all a merry festive season and a happy new year.

(If you need me, I’ll be outside chasing kids and making sure no one drowns getting a tan.)


18 Responses to “It’s the end of the year as we know it”

  1. Natasha A. Says:

    I just got a bit depressed reading that. There you are, talking about tanning, when we just got our first (of many, I am sure) major snowfall of the year.


    So you sit there an enjoy your nice warm weather, while I trudge through the melting slush.

  2. vivianarend Says:

    Sun tanning- that means it’s warm enough to go camping. Jess, aren’t you excited?


    Hiking, and sleeping in a tent, and…
    **ducks flying objects**

    Congrats on finishing another school year. Only how many to go? πŸ™‚

    • Oh Viv… Laugh if you want, but I love camping season. Know why?
      Coz Big Dee takes little Dee and littler Dee camping – and leaves this Dee to enjoy her freedom for a few precious days.

      Oh – and 13 more school years to go, but who’s counting?

  3. sherryricardo Says:

    Happy holidays, Jess! πŸ˜€

  4. tennismom mary g Says:

    Hi Jess
    At least it’s summer there. We had our first snowfall today – wet thick slushy stuff. I ordered Photo Oppotunity today & can’t wait to read it. I guess I’m going through Steve’s Story withdrawal. I’m going to save it for when I’m off work after next week. Take care & have fun with the kids.

    • πŸ˜€
      Well, Mary, you just made my holiday a little happier. I hope you enjoy Photo Op.
      And I’m sorry about that thick slushy snow. Honestly, I would’t know how to cope with it.

      Hugs, and keep warm.

  5. Squeeeeee……
    And we get to spend some of that time together!!!!!

    • Squueeeee

      Drinks and lunch in the Sydney sunshine with the Aussie IHers. Damn, that sounds good.
      Think there are any Aussie Heatwavers who could join us?

  6. Jess, I wish I was there with you. It is too cold here. I’m ready for at least Spring. Love the tie in to Going All In…

  7. Rhonda, I’m sorry it’s so cold over there.
    At least you have little Hunter to light up your winter.

  8. tennismom mary g Says:

    Hey are you Brampton Natasha that I talked to last week at Beth’s chat?

  9. tennismom mary g Says:

    Mary from Pickering. Good to “see” you again.

  10. tennismom mary g Says:

    We obviously have great taste in books & authors LOL. Have a good one.

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