Getting cleaned up

Okay, it’s not THAT exciting a post topic. I’ll try to make it special. Eye candy anyone?

We’re doing a little pre-Christmas clean up around the International Heat Blog. There’s a whole lot less pages over at the right– if you want to see more about our individual books, you’ll have to pop on over to our individual websites. Not having to try to keep two places up to date will make more hours in the day available to actually write instead of hanging out in the backhalls of blog-dom.

We’ll be having guest bloggers drop in occasionnally still, and everyone’s favorite, Friday Eve snippets will continue to entertain every Thursday.

I think with all the books on the International Heat authors ‘Coming Soon’ pages, we have a lot to entertain you in the coming weeks and months.

Just right now a little scrub time can be a good thing.

One Response to “Getting cleaned up”

  1. The blog looks good and clean and fresh, Viv. You’ve done a grand job.
    Hmm, these hotties look gooder, cleaner and fresher than the blog. Think they want someone to make them a little…dirty?

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