Is change as good as a holiday?

They say change is as good as a holiday but I have to admit to being a skeptic on this one. You see my life is changing in a huge way. We’re moving thousands of kilometers and that for us means changing our country of residence. This is the second time we’ve done it. The first was three years ago when we moved to Singapore for my Hubby’s job. It’s his job sending us back to our hometown of Sydney, Australia. The big move happens in two weeks. For the last few months our lives have been on hold while we sorted out paperwork, travel details, quarantine issues, and all that goes with moving a family of seven & three cats. I’m getting little sleep because the brain just keeps running through the lists (yes, plural) of things to be done. And I just have one thing to ask.


OMG! I’m exhausted. Every minute of every day I drag myself around. Even sitting in my chair to write this is taxing. *sigh* I’ve been on holidays a couple of times in my life and THIS feels nothing like a holiday! I know when all is said and done we’ll be glad to be back in our house, close to family and friends, and be able to use our holiday place more than once a year. But right about now I’m over it. Completely.

The worst moment for me was yesterday, December 1st. You see December 1st for us is tree day. The whole family must be at home on this day every year. We drag out the tree, decorations and my gorgeous Christmas Village and with Christmas corals playing we set about getting our place ready for Christmas. We do it every year. For the last TWENTY-ONE years. Not this year. This year we aren’t putting up the tree. (let’s not talk about the fact I threw the horrible little one we bought up here out the minute I knew we were heading home to my fabulous -in storage- Christmas tree) It’s pointless to put a tree up for two weeks and then pull it down again. I get that, really I do but…*cries* I wanna do a tree!! So yesterday I spent the day on the verge of tears and the only thing stopping them was the knowledge that I’ll get to set up my Christmas Village when we get to my in-laws house on the 17th December.

That’s another thing, we might arrive overnight (or in this case overday) but our furniture and stuff (yes, there’s lots of stuff) will take almost two months. TWO. MONTHS. Needless to say my signed books all got sent special courier yesterday and are now in the safe capable hands of a trusted friend until I get there. There was no way they were going in the container on a friggin’ ship for two months! I tried to get them on the plane with me but there’s over 14kilos of books so Hubby vetoed that idea quick smart. Good thing I didn’t mention the two dictionaries, thesaurus and numerous folders of wip’s that are coming on the plane with me. *grin*

I still don’t know where my desk will go back home but I do know that no matter where it goes I won’t have the gorgeous view I have now. *sigh* I’m gonna miss that view.

Well life moves on and I’m the type of person that goes with the flow so once all the drama is over I’m sure I’ll be feeling like my old self again. If not I’m sure one of the IH’ers will give me a swift kick up the bum. Probably Jess or Lexxie seeing how we’ll be living just a short drive from each other after the new year! WOOT! Party time!

Rhian (the slightly depressed, very stressed homeless woman)

14 Responses to “Is change as good as a holiday?”

  1. […] time but I’ll be back to blog properly tomorrow. For today though, you can pop over to the International Heat blog to listen to me ramble on about the move. […]

  2. Busy, busy, busy…but full of life and adventures.

    It’ll all be good in the end, right? And yeah, party time. I’m gong to have to move myself. 🙂

  3. You will be HOME! Things will be good!

  4. That saying is such bull. A holiday is so much better than a change. Sheesh.

    Glad you’re coming back to good old Oz RC. See you at the RWA conference next year perhaps??

  5. Take a deep breath and repeat after me….Backyard barbies with Lexxie and Jess, Tim Tams until they come out my ears, coffee with Lexxie and Jess, shopping with Lexxie and Jess, perving with Lexxie and Jess…..

    Feel better? 🙂

  6. Heather Boyd Says:

    Reading throught the comments its good to see you have friends to talk you down from your panic. I hearby dedicate a branch of my chrissy tree to you until you land on Aussie soil! Try not to squash the first tree you see in a bear hug when you get home. LOL

    • Thanks for the branch, Heather!
      The first tree I see will be at my in-laws when we arrive and I won’t be going too close as it’s a real one and I have allergies. *sigh* BUT I will be putting up my Christmas Village and I’ll try to take some pix and blog them, it always looks so gorgeous. *sigh*

  7. sherryricardo Says:

    You’re not homeless!! lol I’ll be glad when this is all behind you. Definitely too much stress 🙂

    • Oh yeah, way too much stress when I’ve got to think for all of us! I can’t wait for it to be over. Which is bad to wish for I know.

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