Friday Eve Snippet

Viv writes:

I’m moving along nicely in my current wip, Rocky Mountain High, maybe even reaching the end of the project by the time this post gets published. It’s a fun, yet demanding task to write the second book in a series–the background for the story is there but somehow you want to make sure that the new story stands alone. Not only that but you also want to let the characters people have come to enjoy make an appearance or two. Book two is about Daniel, and here’s a tease that introduces him from Rocky Mountain Heat, book one in the series, available from Liquid Silver Books.

As a hero, he’s turned out to be VERY hot.


“Why are you asking?” Blake found a table leg that needed hand sanding and he sat to smooth the piece as he spoke.

“He’s asking because he and Jesse are hoping to sweet talk the girl into kissing them. I’m right, ain’t I?” Daniel asked, joining them in the workshop.

Joel grinned. “We want more than kisses, but I’d settle for starting there. She’s the sweetest kisser–”

“How do you know?” Blake demanded.

Daniel snorted. “You missed that one? The boys hogtied her back in high school, what was it, tenth grade? I heard about it for weeks, couldn’t get them to shut up about how much fun they’d had, how soft her lips were, how she fit between them so well.” Daniel shook a finger at Joel. “This habit you two have of going for the same girl at the same time isn’t very socially accepted around these parts, you know. You better step real careful around the girls’ daddies until you know for sure they don’t plan to shoot one of you.”

“You both kissed Jaxi? At the same time?” Blake reeled. “Was this before or after she went out with Travis?”

“Before. I still don’t understand why she ever dated him.” Joel plopped on the bench next to Blake. “I know he’s our brother and all but sometimes he’s an ass. Of all the guys she could have gone to the prom with, why’d she pick him?”

“I still don’t believe she kissed you and Jesse. Together.”

“Well, it wasn’t her idea, Blake. We were rather insistent. And she kissed us one at a time. It’s not like I want my lips right next to Jesse’s. I’m not into that.”

Daniel sat and joined in. “I kissed her once.” Blake barely stopped his jaw from hitting the floor. “Yup, only it was kiss her or kill her. She rode Thunder without permission and when she managed to get him back into the barn without getting killed I kind of lost my head.” Daniel winked at Joel. “You’re right, she is a sweet kisser.”

Joel poked at Blake. “You ever kiss her?”

“No! Course not. She’s just a little girl. I’m surprised at you, Daniel, she’s five years younger than you.”

“If I were fifteen and she were ten it would be a problem,” Daniel said. “She was old enough and she knew what we were doing. I didn’t give her much choice in the matter either. Looks like you’re the only Coleman boy she hasn’t kissed yet, Blake. Maybe we’d better set you up or something.”


Rocky Mountain Heat, available from Liquid Silver Books,

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