Thanksgiving Plans

I know our Aussie friends have summer this time of year, and our Canadian friends already celebrated Thanksgiving, but what does everyone else do for this holiday? 

For me, Thanksgiving was usually a travel holiday.  Before my mom passed away a few years ago, we’d try to go out to New Jersey and visit.  But life, money and some crazy family dynamics put that tradition to rest – permanently.  We now celebrate just the three of us and my mother-in-law.  We have the usual – turkey, ham, potatoes, sweet potatoes, some sort of veggie, stuffing, and usually pumpkin or apple pie.  Sometimes both pies.  We eat until we can’t move anymore, then roll into the living room and watch Miracle on 34th Street.  The 1947 black and white version with Maureen O’Hara and Natalie Wood.  After that my MIL heads into town to visit with her brother and family for another dinner.    I’m usually in a tryptophan induced coma by now. 

I take the week off from work every year – whether we travel or not.  If we’re not traveling, then I use the time off to clean/organize the house and start on Christmas shoppping.  And hopefully catch up on my reading.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving is time to get the Christmas decorations out.  Much to my hubby’s dismay.  I change out the shower curtain/towels/rugs/etc…  in the guest bathroom for most every holiday, but I make hubby help with this one.  Just because I can.

Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away… I’m looking forward to the time off from work.  Not reorganizing my kitchen cabinets (which is this year’s plan).  What’s everyone else up to?  Inquiring minds want to know…

One Response to “Thanksgiving Plans”

  1. Sounds good!

    We don’t have Thanksgiving. 🙂

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