Savage Transformation – A completely unedited snippet

I have been working on this story forever. Well, it feels that way.

Savage Transformation is the first sequel to Savage Retribution and has kicked my butt from beginning to end. I literally finished writing it five minutes ago (well, all except the epilogue, but seeing as it’s 12:58am in Australia, I think I’ll write that tomorrow *grin*)

Sydney Detective, Jackie Huddart’s gone home to visit her childhood friend in Tasmania, the smallest state in Australia. The trouble is, her childhood friend seems to be missing, and someone wants Jackie to find her. Someone who knows exactly what Jackie is.

As Jackie begins the hunt to find her friend, she is joined by the very mysterious and way-too-sexy Marshall Rourke, a man who seems to have just as many secrets as she. Which may explain why Jackie feels like she is the one being hunted. But by who?

This is a utterly, completely and totally raw unedited snippet. There’s bound to be mistakes aplenty, but I wanted to share it with you all. You have no idea how fantastic (and tired) I feel right at this very second. Enjoy…

Okay. This is getting ridiculous.

Jackie turned on the spot, studying the car park around her. A few cars sat in the odd parking bay, silent and still, the late afternoon sun bouncing from their windshields in glinting spears of white-orange light.

She frowned, turning back to the hotel they’d only just checked into. The Tasmanian Gardens’ entryway doors stayed shut, the glass panels revealing an empty check-in foyer. No sign of Delanie there either. “Where are you, Del?”

Grinding her teeth, she crossed the car park, heading for Delanie’s beloved Volkswagon Beetle. Bernie sat between a black convertible BMW and a silver Audi  A4, jarring and smug in his eye-stinging bright green paintwork, dented hubcaps and hot-pint windscreen wipers. Nothing looked out of place. All the doors were locked.

Jackie circled the car, fingers wriggling. She narrowed her eyes, studying the ground, car park, surrounding buildings and trees. After checking-in, Delanie had returned to Bernie to retrieve their over-night bags while Jackie found their room. Ten minutes later, the mini-bar, bathroom and balcony over-looking the pool thoroughly inspected, Jackie perched herself on the foot of the softest bed in the room and waited for Delanie to arrive.

Eleven minutes later and she’d begun to gnaw on her lip. Two minutes after that, she’d begun to clench her fists to keep her fingers still. Another minute and she was out of the room, doing everything she could to stop herself sprinting through the hotel’s hallway on her way to the car park.

The second she’d pushed through the foyer’s main doors the pre-dusk air assaulted her, as if waiting for her to step into its intoxicating sweetness. Her Thylacine growled, surging though her being with rapid ease. Snatching back control had been hard. She’d shoved the need to transform down into the pit of her existence and half-walked, half-ran down the hotel’s stairs into the car park, scanning the area for any sign of Delanie.

And now, here she was, walking around her best friend’s car, breathing shallow for fear of losing herself to her inner animal when she knew she should be breathing deeply to detect any hint of Delanie’s location.

Then stop being a chicken shit and do it.

Coming to a standstill, wishing – again – she had her gun, Jackie closed her eyes and pulled in a deep breath.

There! Delanie.

Faint, almost dispersed to nothing, but there. To her right. Delanie’s scent tinged with…

She turned, lifting her head slightly and pulling in another breath.

Her heart clenched. Fear. Delanie’s scent was tinged with fear. The acrid kind of a sudden fright.

God, what was going on?

Following the scent, the Thylacine inside her itching for release, she moved through the car park. Clapped-out combi-vans sat beside shiny Audi s, dented station-wagons shared the asphalt with lovingly-looked after saloons, each waiting for their owners to return, the setting sun casting their paintwork in a fiery orange glow.

Jackie pulled in another breath, tasting the air. Del had been here.

She narrowed her eyes, approaching a low, red convertible. Heat rolled from it in unpleasant waves, the stench of burning motor oil almost choking her. Reaching out, she placed her right palm on the car’s hood. Hot. Hot enough to tell her the engine had only recently been running.

She took another breath, separating the car’s fumes from the delicate scent of her best friend. Delanie’s scent grew stronger here. More concentrated.

Jackie’s chest squeezed tight. It wasn’t just Del scent that was more potent here. Her fear tainted the air like a thick mist.

Damnit, Del. What’s going on?

“Jackie Huddart?”

The deep, low and gravely voice to her left made Jackie jump. She turned, reaching for her gun in its holster at the small of her back before she remembered she didn’t have it. Damnit!

“Jackie Huddart?”

A man stepped towards her from behind a big black van. A tall man with impossibly broad shoulders and narrow lean hips. The very man she’d caught looking at her inside the airport terminal yesterday. The same man who drove away from the airport car park in a black Audi an hour later.

The same man she’d seen standing under a snow gum at Pyengana’s cemetery.

Jackie watched him approach, her cop instincts on full alert, her inner-animal tensed. “You’ve been following me.”

A tiny dimple creased his left cheek beside lips curled into a small grin, giving Jackie the impression he knew a secret he found entirely humorous. Dark honey-blonde hair fell over his forehead in a tousled mess, brushing straight eyebrows a shade darker. “I have, I’m afraid.”

He studied her from behind impenetrable black sunglasses, the intensity of his unseen but wholly felt inspection making Jackie want to shiver. And for some reason her sex constricted, as if anticipating some action.

Oh, God, Jackie. Are you serious? Your best friend’s gone missing and you’re getting aroused by a complete stranger?

The man stopped but a step from her and she pulled in a quick, silent breath. He gave off no discernible scent, a fact Jackie found entirely too unnerving. Everything gave off a scent. Everything.

Except this unknown man who knew her name.

“I’ve seen you three times in the last twenty four hours. Who are you?”

She knew the question was blunt, but he – whoever he was – had the advantage over her. She didn’t like that. Not at all.

His lips curled into a broader grin. “Marshall Rourke, at your service.”

Jackie didn’t return his smile. “You’re American?”

Long, straight fingers came up to tip an imaginary hat. “Texan, actually, but it’s pretty much the same thang.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Rourke.” Jackie frowned. Impatience, unease and – God help her – sexual interest gnawed at her. Making her angry. Damn, she wished she had her gun. “But why are following me?”

“I know where your friend is.”

Jackie’s throat slammed shut. “Del?”

Her best friend’s name slipped from her lips before she could stop it and she bit back a sharp curse. Damn it, cop law 101 – don’t give away information not already revealed. She clenched her fists, glaring at Marshall Rourke.

“I know you have no reason to trust me.” He removed his dark sunglasses, and Jackie’s chest squeezed. His eyes were stunning. Piercing light blue the color of Antartic ice. “But if you want to see Delanie McKenzie alive again, I recommend you come with me.”

So, what did you think?

As soon as it has a release date I’ll let you all know, but until then, maybe you might like to take a look at the first book in the Savage Australia trilogy? Maybe?

9 Responses to “Savage Transformation – A completely unedited snippet”

  1. Lisa Guertin Says:

    Wow, I can’t wait to read this one. I’ll be getting the first one tonight!

    • Thank you, Lisa. Can you see the grin on my face? I love Savage Retribution. Declan – the hero- is about as yummy as an Irish werewolf can get, in my opinion. Of course, I may be a bit bias *grin*

  2. This sounds fantastic Lex! I’ve been waiting eagerly for a sequel to Savage Retribution. How fast can you push this one through to release???


  3. Sooo…. now that you’re done. *grin*
    My inbox is empty by the way, in case you’re wondering.
    As usual you blow me away with your writing. Can’t wait to get this one in my hands.

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