Patience is a virtue!

Sadly I never had any patience and I lost my virtue years ago. LOL  So where does that leave me when I choose to be in an industry that thrives on waiting? And waiting. And even more waiting! Ugh. A pink padded room with a nice white jacket comes to mind….

No really, normally (even with my lack of patience) I’m able to sit back and not think about what’s out there with an editor or the CP’s. It just slips my mind and off I go on my merry way. Not anymore! *sigh* I think I’m getting old or something because in the last few months I’m the most impatient cranky least virtuous person I know. Maybe it has something to do with having to move a family of 7 with 3 cats and a houseful of furniture thousands of kilometers again. That’s right we’re on the move. I will no longer be the International Heat member from Singapore. I will instead be based in Sydney. THE best bit about the move is getting to be near fellow IH members Jess Dee and Lexxie Couper. And before you ask or cringe, I’ve started the bail-out fund because we’re bound to get into trouble. *grin*

I’m ready to be gone. This time around I’m getting longer than 6 weeks to make the move from one country to the other but I’ve discovered it’s not such a good thing to do it slowly. When we moved to Singapore I packed up the house, visited Singapore for a week, enrolled the kids in school (Singapore), unenrolled the kids from school (Sydney), relocated one cat and one dog AND relocated the eldest child who got left behind with grandparents because he was in his final year of school. And I did all that in SIX WEEKS!!! OMG! How the hell did I survive? And to think I worked three days a week back then. Sheesh. Anyway, this time we’ve got about double that. It’s just over four weeks until we fly out of Singapore for the last time and I’m ready to leave. NOW! YESTERDAY!

You would not believe the number of things on hold because of the move. It’s frustrating beyond belief but there’s nothing I can do but rant and rave. And let me tell you I’m doing it A LOT! I thought I’d be real smart by getting a story done and sent off before the madness started so I could (fingers crossed) get something happening that would allow me to take a break from all the writing stuff or at least slow it right down during the move. We’ll have about 8 weeks where we’ll be living out of suitcases. That isn’t so much the problem as the finding time and space to work. I can see me locking myself in the bathroom to get stuff done. LOL

So here I am still waiting on word about that submission and for the first time EVA (yes I’m going all teenager on you) I’m chewing my nails over it. Why, oh why must I wait? (teenage drama there) Surely the editor has nothing better to do than read my story and love it. Surely she doesn’t have *gasp* a life! Well okay fine, she can have a life but she really should put that on hold and get to my shifters! *stomps foot* (dear Lord I’m just full of teenagerisms today) (Ooo, I think I’m making up words now. *grin*) Never mind that, what about Mr. Muse’s decision to start a new story for Nano?!?! Does he not know we need to get book 3 of the coyotes done? And if not that we’ve got the strippers to work on. (Oh, that sounded dirty didn’t it? *snicker*) Does he take ANY notice of the lovely list of wip’s I have on the desk? Nope, he goes right off into the wide blue yonder and starts a whole new tale. *sigh* MEN!

As you can see I have reason to be impatient and even more reason to be virtueless. (*rolls eyes* More new words? I’m on a roll today people.) I’m not sure I wanna play anymore. Could someone point me to a nice quiet corner to rest in? Oh, over there you say? What? That soft looking pink room? Ah, look at that, you even got me a nice new white jacket to wear……


2 Responses to “Patience is a virtue!”

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  2. Okay, so you know what’s gonna happen, don’t you?
    Ms Editor is going to wait til the minute you have to turn off your computer to climb on the plane to respond.
    (Just saying)

    Now abou tthat fund you mentioned… can you send me the details please. I need to start contributing.

    Now hurry up and get back here. I’m getting impatient (and, well, I lost my virtue a long time ago)



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