A Question of Love releases today!

A Question of Love: The Blurb

A past with three, a future for two…

Sequel to A Question of Trust.

Gabe Carter and his best friend Connor’s passion for threesomes brought Tina Jenkins into Gabe’s bed—and into his heart. As a matter of honor, he gave up the woman he loved. Time passes, times change and old promises fall away, but Gabe is still in love with Tina. Now he’s going after his heart’s desire.

Tina has her own opinion about Gabe’s sense of honor. His departure tore apart the most special of bonds and destroyed her relationship with Connor, leaving her brokenhearted. It took her a long time to pick up the pieces, a struggle she doesn’t wish to repeat. When Gabe shows up at her favorite coffee shop, she knows just where to tell him to stick his apology.

Gabe isn’t so easily put off—and Tina can’t help but respond to his seduction. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Gabe wants her all to himself. And Tina wants the whole package, which includes Connor.

At the risk of crushing his hopes for the future, Gabe sets out to prove he’s more than enough man for her…

Warning: If piping hot sex, ménage scenes, adult toys, anal play, short blonde heroines and stacked, muscular heroes are not your cup of tea, then don’t read this book. You won’t enjoy it.

A Question of Love: An Excerpt

(This excerpt is very hot. Do not read it if you’re under 18. Ok?)

Strong arms lifted her from her resting place and carried her through her flat. The soft cotton of her bedspread cushioned her butt as Gabe laid her on the bed.
She pushed herself up into a sitting position, trying to make sense of the last few minutes, but Gabe was having none of it.
“I’m not done yet,” he told her, his voice deeper than usual and a little breathless. “I intend to make you come again. At least twice more. But this time I won’t use my fingers or my mouth. This time you’ll find your pleasure in a very different way.”
As he spoke, he unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it off her. Then he unclipped her bra and tossed that aside so she lay naked before him. He swallowed as he took in her naked body, his eyes sweeping over her.
“Gabe…” Her voice trailed off. She had no idea what to say to him. She should tell him to stop, but God help her, she didn’t want him to. What she wanted were those other orgasms he promised her.
“Christ, T. You’ve got me so aroused I’m ready to burst a nut here.” He undid the buttons of his jeans and twisted the waist. “Pants…too bloody…tight,” he gasped. “I want so badly to fuck you. I want to slide into your pussy and lose myself in your body. Like I used to. Want it so bad I can almost feel your wet heat around my dick.” Gabe closed his eyes for a second and grimaced.
Tina moaned. God, she wanted that too. Wanted Gabe to press his glorious cock inside her. Wanted him to fuck her like he used to, until she came, screaming his name—or Connor’s—in sheer ecstasy. She bent her knees and drew her thighs apart, her legs preparing for the sensual onslaught.
Gabe ran his finger over her engorged clit and swore. “Not gonna do it,” he said in a strained voice. “Not gonna hurt you again.”
Tina’s heart dropped even as sensation charged through her pussy. He’d promised her more orgasms!
He played with her clit, tracing tiny circles around it with his huge finger. “But I am gonna make you come. And I’m going to watch as every tremor wracks your body. I’m going to watch as your nipples harden into tight buds and your skin breaks out in goose bumps.”
Tina gulped. When it came to sex she had no doubt Gabe would follow through on every promise. But if he wasn’t going to fuck her then how—
“May I open the drawer beside your bed?” He dipped his finger between her pussy lips and drew it back up over her clit.
Ah! Waves of heat flooded through her as she nodded. The goose bumps he’d just mentioned began to creep up her back and over her arms.
“Close your eyes, T,” he instructed, his fingers still seducing her.
Her lids drifted shut.
Gabe pulled away from her, leaving behind a dull, empty ache where his hand had been. She heard the soft rumble of the drawer opening and then the sounds of plastic knocking against wood and glass pinging against glass.
And then there was silence.
“Perfect,” he whispered.


A Question of Love is available now from MBaM


6 Responses to “A Question of Love releases today!”

  1. This book sounds like very hot read. I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  2. It IS very hot.

    Hope you enjoy it Estella.

    Oh, and congrats on winning hte contest over at Blackraven…

  3. Nah, Jess…it’s not very hot. It’s very HOT! (See the difference? *grin*)

    Congrats on the release. Yay!

  4. Ok, hang on. Lemme correct myself…

    Oh, Estella – It is very HOT!

    LOL, better Lex?

  5. Congrats Jess! I bet there are heaps of readers who’ve been waiting a long time for this one. So happy for you on your release day–hugs :).

    And the book is super hot. I should know because I’ve read it, na ne na ne na na.

  6. Thanx Sami.

    LOL, you sound like me now, na na na na naing like that.

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