Come Monday


Today marks the Ellora’s Cave release of the first book in my Wild Irish series, Come Monday. I don’t think there are words to express how excited I am about seeing this book hit the virtual bookshelf! I have been immersed in the lives of the seven Collins siblings since June and it’s been so darn hard not having someone to talk to about the characters and the stories!

The series revolves around the Collins Clan. The seven brothers and sisters all work at the family business, Pat’s Irish Pub located in Baltimore, Maryland. The stories are loosely based on the traditional nursery rhyme, Monday’s Child.

Monday’s child is fair of face (Come Monday–Keira)

Tuesday’s child is full of grace (Ruby Tuesday–Teagan)

Wednesday’s child is full of woe (Waiting for Wednesday–Tristan)

Thursday’s child has far to go (Sweet Thursday–Killian)

Friday’s child is loving and giving (Friday I’m in Love–Ewan)

Saturday’s child works hard for a living (Saturday Night Special–Riley)

But the child who is born on the sabbath day,

Is bonny and blithe and good and gay (Any Given Sunday–Sean)

Come Monday, Wild Irish, Book One

Monday’s child is fair of face…

After the death of her mother years prior, Keira Collins willingly put aside her dreams to become a surrogate parent to her six younger brothers and sisters. At twenty-seven, she’s finally pursuing a college degree. Between classes, working at the family pub and still tending to siblings, she’s no time for romance. So why is she spending all her rare free time fantasizing about hot Professor Wallace bending her over his desk?

Will Wallace recognizes Keira’s unfulfilled desires, her habit of hiding her beauty, her obsessive need for control in every aspect of her life. But Will has needs of his own—and they run far darker than Keira’s. As he initiates her into his lifestyle, offering sweet punishments and sweeter rewards, Will’s sexual authority slowly strips away some of her precious control. The one thing Keira’s not ready to relinquish…

2 Responses to “Come Monday”

  1. Mari, Congrats on this new release, and on the release of your whole new series.
    I know how much you love the book, and hope it sells thousands and thousands of copies.


  2. Yeah, what Jess said. HUGE congrats and even bigger YAYS!!! Well done 🙂

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