Releases Galore!

The end of the year really rocks for me.

Oct. 31st I had a release with eXtasy. Unseen Path.  The timing for this release was PERFECT. I wrote it last Oct-Nov. It takes place around Halloween as well.

Now…November…I have a LOT to be thankful for in November. First, November 16th, the first book I wrote for submission will be released from Total e-Bound in an anthology that will be in print at the beginning of the year. (woot) and November 23rd my biggie releases. Semper Fi: Magnus from Liquid Silver.

See…releases galore. lol

Promo for having releases close together is crazy, but I’m loving every minute of it.  🙂

Here are the blurbs for each…

UNSEENPATH[f]Unseen Path:

On All Hallows’ Eve, Molli’s predictable world is turned upside down when she learns she needs magic to save her brother’s life.  Not only must she give up her innocence to feed the magic, she finds there is more to Decklin than meets the eye.  Just who is this handsome stranger and what is he to her?

Decklin must convince Molli that it is her destiny to help him save the world.  He has the means to help her brother, but will she survive her uncontrollable need to touch him, does she even want to?  Is Decklin using his powers to control her desires or could it be love?


Book one in the Seeds of Dawn Series

Anabella’s dreams bring her to David, but is he the salvation she’s looking for?overthemoon_800_300dpi[1]

Anabella Pouge is plagued with powers she can’t control, making her life far from normal when all she wants is ordinary. Change is coming her way when she must flee with a man straight out of her dreams.

David Sanders is sent to find Anabella. Without her, the future of his wolf pack is in danger. Forced to travel to the middle of nowhere, David finds Anabella might mean more than just his pack’s survival.

Will the two make it back to the pack in time? Can Anabella and David accept each other and the coming changes to their lives?

Semper Fi: Magnus:

JJJ_SF_Magnus_510x765Colonel Joe “Magnus” River’s sole purpose in life is to protect the United States of America. It isn’t just a job; it’s his reason for being. Magnus’ life is turned upside down when he is informed a woman will be joining his team of elite marines. She made it through boot camp, but can she make it through Magnus?

Nothing in NCIS Special Agent Emily Patterson’s career could have prepared her for Colonel Rivers. Her orders: infiltrate the Colonel’s team and find out who has been kidnapping women and children from third world countries and selling them as sex slaves. A string of unexpected events changes everything, potentially exposing Emily before she finds the guilty party. Her mission becomes more difficult as she gets to know the man behind the uniform. Magnus can’t be involved, can he?

2 Responses to “Releases Galore!”

  1. Woot!
    What a great month you’re having!
    Party time!
    Congrats sweetie.

  2. Susie AKA Susilien Says:

    Wow Jambrea, you are really going to be busy. I am looking forward to your other releases. Unseen Path was awesome. Congratulations

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