Friday Eve Snippet

Saturday is the release of the first book in the Silar series. I bet you thought I’d give you a snippet of that…but…no. lol I’ve posted a bit about Unseen already so I thought I would give you a snippet of Unwinding! This is the sequel to Unseen and m/m.  What you see is TOTALLY unedited so any mistakes came from my fat fingers. lol

Matt woke up surrounded by Sal, their bodies wrapped tight around each other. He tried not to think about what could have happened the night before. Sal had quickly become his everything. Maybe he should take his man away from all this. But he couldn’t. As much as he wanted to leave he knew there was no way Sal’s dad would let the happened. He pulled Sal closer and hugged him, nuzzling his face into the man’s neck. This was want he wanted, for the rest of his life, to always wake up with the man he loved.

“What are you thinking about so hard?” Sal’s sleepy voice drifted to his ears.

“About how much I love you and couldn’t live without you.”

Matt’s stomach growled ruining the moment. The two men laughed.

“Maybe we should go see about getting some breakfast.”

“My belly might think that’s a good idea, but my cock has other ideas.”

Matt rubbed against Sal and pulled him in for a kiss. Sal shifted in his arms fitting himself against Matt. He could really get used to waking up this way. It almost made him forget the danger they were all in. Matt wanted to savor every moment he had with Sal incase it was his last. Who knew what tomorrow might bring. He just knew he needed today with his lover.

Last night went by so fast, he wanted to take his time this morning.

He pulled away from Sal, rolled on top of him and kissed his way down to his lover’s neck, scraping his teeth along the sensitive skin. Sal moaned and withered under him. Matt continued on, his tongue tracing their mating marks.

“Matt!” Sal tugged on his arms, but Matt ignored him.

His hands wondered in his wake, tracing around Sal’s nipples, giving them pinches and soothing them. Matt wanted to burn Sal’s taste into his memory. When he reached Sal’s cock, he worked his way around it. Sal tried to nudge him into taking the dick into his mouth, but he was saving that for last. Matt nuzzled his face where Sal’s leg and balls met, it tasted sweet and caused Sal to squirm. He smiled against his lover’s skin, loving how responsive he was. Matt worked his way to Sal’s feet, tickling the arches, before spreading Sal’s legs apart, giving him room to go for the prize. Matt moved up the bed and rested his chin on Sal’s thigh.

“I love you, Sal.”

He waited until Sal looked at him before he swallowed his lover’s prick to the back of his throat, Sal propped himself up on his elbows so they never losing eye contact. Never had Matt felt something so intimate and right. He dropped his gaze and pulled back until only the tip of the cock rested between his lips. Matt ran his tongue over the tip to lap up the pre-come glistening on Sal’s dick. Sal bucked his hips, trying to get more friction from Matt’s mouth. He held the man’s hips down so he couldn’t move, teasing him until Sal mumbled incoherently.

“Gonna. Matt. Matt. Please, Matt, suck me. God.”

Matt hummed his approval and swallowed his lover until his nose nestled in the springy black hair surrounding his member. After a couple of stroke, Sal came over his tongue. God, he loved the way his man tasted. He continued to suck until Sal went limp in his mouth. He released the man’s dick and licked his way to Sal’s asshole. His cock throbbed and wanted in. Matt circled the opening with the tip of his tongue, easing the muscles. Sal squirmed above him, rocking back on Matt’s tongue.  

He pulled back, Sal tried to follow, but Matt held him back with one hand. He put a finger from his other hand in his mouth, getting it nice and wet before breaching Sal’s hole. Matt eased his finger in and Sal’s ass clinched around it. It was Matt’s turn to groan. He added another finger.

“I need inside.”

“I’m not stopping you,” Sal panted above him.

Matt pulled his fingers from Sal’s body and gave him one more lick before putting the head of his dick at Sal’s entrance. He slid his cock in, slow and gentle. Sal whimpered above him and he gritted his teeth. He’d take this slow if it killed him. He stopped when he’s balls touched Sal’s ass. He bent to rest his forehead on Sal’s abdomen, breathing through the urge to pound into Sal.

The whimper for above made him move, he wanted to make this good for both of them. Slow, in and out, the urge to hurry pulling at his balls. Sal wiggled, trying to get him to increase the pace, he forced his lover to stop moving and pulled him forward for a kiss. He let his tongue mimic his cock. Sal’s dick filled again, hard against his stomach. Matt stayed pressed close so Sal had something hard to pump against. He took Sal’s hands and raised them above the man’s head, entwining their fingers. He kept his pace slow until he couldn’t take it anymore. Sal mumbled against his lips.

“Hard, Matt, please.”

This time he listened, the need to come overwhelmed him. Matt lost his rhythm.

“Soon, Sal.” He groaned and pulled back to get a better angle. He pounded Sal’s gland with each thrust.

Sal’s seed coated them both, the man’s ass tightened around Matt’s cock, milking him until he screamed his release.


He collapsed on top of his lover until he caught his breath enough to roll off of him. Sal pulled him back and wrapped his arms around Matt.

“I love you, Matt.” Sal whispered against Matt’s throat and kissed his neck.

Matt reached up and brought Sal around for a kiss.

“I won’t lose you, Sal. I love you, too.”

His stomach grumbling ruined the moment causing them both to laugh again.

“Breakfast it is.” Sal chuckled as he got off the bed.

4 Responses to “Friday Eve Snippet”

  1. Jambrea, I LOVE it!!!!!

  2. Heather Boyd Says:

    Great piece! Totally hot.

  3. Loving it Jambrea! Nice teaser 😛 Whew!!!

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