Bibs and Bobs

I was struggling to come up with a topic for this blog post because basically nothing’s happened lately! Work is dragging along. I’m knee-deep in two of the Wild Irish books (Wednesday and Saturday), but neither are close to finished. I’d hoped to have a new cover to show you with this post as I anticipate getting covers for Rough Cut and Come Monday this week–but nothing yet. I’d hoped to share news (good or bad–please let it be good) in regards to my Ruby Tuesday submission, but I haven’t heard from my editor yet. I also haven’t gotten a release date for Assume the Positions, so nothing to report on the cougar front. So there you have it–a bust.

What I do know is this…

1. The introduction of the Heat Wave yahoo group has been a great success. We have over 120 members in just three short weeks and the contests have been very popular. On Sunday, Nov. 1, we will be holding the  mother of all excerpts party with one final GRAND prize to be awarded. If you haven’t joined the fun yet…it’s not too late.

2. I traveled to Ohio a couple of weeks ago for the tail-end of Romanticon. Work commitments wouldn’t let me participate for the whole weekend, but I was able to meet up with Jayne Rylon and Jambrea Jo Jones for the book fair. The three of us stood in the corner and gabbed for HOURS! Don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard. I also had the opportunity to meet my EC editor–she’s absolutely gorgeous–knew she would be. We talked in the bar and it was so nice to finally have the chance to sit down with her face to face! That night, I hung out at the bar with the cougar ladies (Samantha Kane, Dalton Diaz, Mari Freeman, Ciana Stone, Desiree Holt) and it was a blast.

3. This past weekend I signed up for the Romantic Times convention. I hadn’t planned to attend but circumstances at work (and a school holiday) left the path clear. I’m going to be staying with Jayne Rylon who lives in Columbus where the conference is held. Valerie Tibbs and Lexxie Couper will be doing the whole week as well and Jambrea is hoping to pop over to Ohio for the weekend. Anyone planning on attending RT?

4. And finally, I’m dressing up as a Pink Lady for a retro Halloween party on Saturday. Anyone else dressing up?

6 Responses to “Bibs and Bobs”

  1. johanna snodgrass Says:

    A Pink Lady…as in Grease, I assume. The blog is great. You did a good job and hopefully, you will get yesses to all the nos last week. See you at IN HEAT……lol!


  2. Maggie Johnson Says:

    Think possitve,Mari! Good blog.
    No dressing up for me.A Pink Lady…what is a Pink Lady?
    Love the new yahoo group.

  3. Let me tell you…I MISS YOU!!!!! lol That was a fun day. I wish it was longer. *pout* Kelli TOTALLY rocks! She is fun. 🙂

    No dressing up for me.

  4. jaynerylon Says:

    Hanging out at Romanticon with Mari and Jambi was the highlight of my October, that’s for sure. Plus, Mari made a new friend in that corner 😉

  5. Mari, positive thoughts, you are going to get yes on everything!

    No dressing up for me.

    See you at Heat!

  6. I will be attending my 20 year high school reunion on the 31st (Halloween isn’t big Down Under – despite the hard efforts of most toy shops, costume hire shops and lollie factories). I will be dressing up as Lexxie, which will blow the minds of most of those I went to school with in my quiet little outback town. Can’t wait 😉

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