How many is too many?

Orgasms?  Hah! I wish! Shoes?  Nah, not possible.  Books?  Hell no.  What I’m talking about is Yahoo groups.  How many Yahoo groups do you belong to?  I have 27 right now.  I can barely keep up.

They are time consuming and really a lot of fun.  But they keep me away from other things sometimes, like reading or spending time with my family.  Or even, *gasp* , exercising.

So, how many groups do you belong to?  How many do you think is too many?


15 Responses to “How many is too many?”

  1. You know I don’t know exactly how many I’m in because I’m afraid to look. LOL
    I keep most on digest only three are on individual unless there’s a chat on and then I switch whatever needs to be switched.
    They are time consuming but a hell of a lot of fun too. Nothing better than hanging out with a group of people who love books as much as I do.

  2. Oy, V
    I think I belong to 30 odd groups. Truth is I’m on ‘no post’ or ‘special notice’ for most of them, and even the few I usually haunt religiously I just haven’t been managing to get to of late.
    I guess when real life gets busy, my Yahoo group surfing dwindles away to nothing…


    • Can I just copy and past your answer, Jess? Cause it pretty much sums up what I was going to say. I keep telling myself I need to be more diligent in visiting my groups, but before I know it, I have about 20 digests sitting in my inbox and I want to sob with defeat. Damn you, real life!! Argh!

  3. Um….66. That COULD be too many. lol

  4. vivianarend Says:

    Well, I just went and did a little clean up. i have 6 groups that I’m on individual or digest. And then I have 25 more that are completely for business!


  5. johanna snodgrass Says:

    I really dont know…I have 5 that I try to religiously keep to! One of my groups is a Godsend, they keep me upbeat & positive so that one I stick too faithfully.
    Is that bad, that I really dont know!? Oh well, typical me!


  6. Natasha A. Says:

    I have 42. Many of them are just newsletters. BUT I agree. I feel like I am being pulled in too many directions. It’s one of the things I like about the IH group though. It is multiple authors all in one, rather than one group per author. If that makes sense?

  7. Mmmm, well, I am in four yahoo groups and I think that is way too much for me! I set up folders — with the help of my CP, now I can simply open a folder and read those emails, otherwise I would be struggling to find emails within all those hundreds of posts per day.

    So, 27! Wow! I’m shocked I ever see your emails at all! :))

    billi jean

  8. I’m on too many. I was on digest and found myself deleting the digests without reading them and then I gave up and just went no mail because what was the point! BUT I still stayed a member because if something exciting happens and someone (Jambrea) sends me a link then I can view it still 😀

    I love the newsletter ones though, especially the ones where the newsletter is in the email like NJ Walters and Dana Marie Bell. I’m too lazy to go to the actual group to read the file if it’s there. That’s horrible, I know!

  9. Oh boy…are you sure you really want to know b/c it’s a very scary number!!! Bear in mind that about 40 of them are newsletters…maybe 50…not too sure…BUT I just checked and I belong to 173 yahoo groups…and they’re all set to daily digests…Have I mentioned that I’m practically glued to my macbook 24/7? Surprisingly, I still have a life 😛 I just go through the digests and only participate when I see topics of interest 🙂

    Have I scared you yet? I actually started to blog and facebook in the last two months as well…so I’m really addicted to the whole process!!! I follow about a 100 blogs but it’s not really bad since I track it on my blogger and again only check in to comment on topics of interest…

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  10. Andrea Infinger Says:

    I was also afraid to look, but did anyway. I couldn’t believe that I now have 65. Most of them are on digest and I only lurk and some are only special announcements.

  11. Hey Jambrea,

    Told you…it’s a scary thing I tell ya!!!

  12. Hmm. I belong to many, but I don’t participate on them all. I’d like to. Really. But I just can’t. There’s not enough time in the day for the job, the writing, the online stuff and spending time with my family. Something has to give–and I made a promise long ago that it wouldn’t be the family. Right now with a WIP to finish, that means most of the online stuff has to wait until I get a vacation or something.

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