X Rated Halloween

There are a group of us over at eXtasy with October releases and we wanted to do something fun, so we each asked three questions. Here are the three questions I asked and their answers! Feel free to answer them in the comments. 🙂


1.  If you could dress up as anyone for Halloween, who would it be?

Jambrea: I would dress up as Marilyn Monroe. There is just something sexy UNSEENPATH[f]about her.

C.R.: Maharet or Jesse (characters from Anne Rice’s books) – Maharet because she’s one of the originals or Jesse because in the movie she gets to go off with Lestat. 

Laura: My husband.

Courtney: I would love to dress up as Jessica Rabbit, that hair and dress are awesome!

GREENFLASH275X350Angela: Marlene Dietrich from her Blue Angel days!  She absolutely oozed sexuality, could pull off masculine as well as feminine clothing, and always, always looked like a million bucks!

2.  Halloween costumes: Sexy or Scary? Which do you like better?

Jambrea: Sexy because I don’t usually dress sexy and it is one time of year where you can.

C.R: I’m getting back into horror writing (with romance/romantic elements) so I’d have to go with scary. Plus, I’m not a thin or girly-girl type woman so sexy doesn’t work with me. 

Laura: The ones that are so sexy they scare me.

Courtney: I like sexy for adult parties, scary for trick or treating.REINCARNATEDDEATHWISH

Angela: Sexy all the way!  It’s always fun to see how far I can go before having to consider the obscenity laws in this neck of the woods!

3. Do you have any Halloween traditions? If so, what?

Jambrea: This is something my family started after my son was born. Every year my Mother-in-Law comes to town and we go trick or treating and then head home for dinner. Usually chili! lol

In the SpiritC.R.: Just started my tradition of meditation and reflection back in 2007.
Laura: None whatsoever. As I said, in Italy we don’t celebrate Halloween, rather All Hallows, which is a religious holiday, then All Dead, on Nov. 2nd, another feast of the spirits that aren’t living anymore. On both days, traditions mainly involve religious rites (mass and such) and of course a visit to your dead ones.

Courtney: We usually trick or treat with the kids, other than that we just like to decorate the house and carve pumpkins.

Angela: I have two that are uniquely mine.  I collect pumpkins and jack-o-BloodyPassion[2]lanterns (ceramic, wood, glass, whatever) and I always display them in my house.  The other tradition I started about ten years ago, I bake Monster Cookies for my work mates.  The recipie calles for M&Ms and I use the black and orange special Halloween variety in the recipe instead of the usual multicolored.


We also have a trailer on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.  🙂


One Response to “X Rated Halloween”

  1. Very funny! H’ween not really my holiday, but enjoy everyone else’s enjoyment, and love the pumpkin-picking trip — as long as it’s not weather like this! 😦

    If I had to dress up (and I don’t — I just don a witch’s hat), I’d be afraid sexy would look scary on me. Sigh. Maybe next year 🙂

    Happy Holiday ladies!

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