Countdown to Lori Foster’s Staying Home Contest!

Hi, everyone!  International Heat is putting together an amazing bag of goodies for one lucky commenter who’s stuck at home while we’re at Lori’s.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and the ones that follow until Sunday, June 7th.  On Monday, June 8th we will draw a winner! The more days you post, the better your chances of winning.

You might be asking yourself what’s in the bag.  Okay, we’ll tell you!  Roll 

It’s a tote bag with Val’s lovely IH logo on front and it will be filled with surprises from Lori’s event. To sweeten the deal, each of the IH women have thrown something in from their part of the world.  There might even be ebooks from the IH authors, but how will we get them in the bag?  Hmm….

So let’s get this party ON!  Dancing 


29 Responses to “Countdown to Lori Foster’s Staying Home Contest!”

  1. loretta Says:


    I cannot go to Lori Foster Get Together but it is nice knowing that you are thinking of the people who can’t make it.

  2. oooh, Awesome contest! Good luck everyone.

  3. Thanks for the great contest! Like Loretta said, thanks for thinking of the people that are not able to go.

  4. I’m envious of you guys. I hope you have a great time and make somereally good contacts there.


  5. Wow this sounds like an awesome contest! Count me in. I live in Ohio and really wish I could attend the event but just not possible this year. Hope everyone has fun! 🙂

  6. Wish I could go. Like everybody said before thanks for thinking of us who can’t make it. Great giveaway. Count me in please.

  7. vivianarend Says:

    While I’m very excited to go, I know what it’s like to miss the event. My opportunities to attend conferences like this will be slim, so I for one want to make sure you stay-at-homers have lots to look forward to as well.

    Hmm- I see I’m on the calendar to post a snippet on Thursday. What kind of snippet do you want? Popular vote decides. I have shifters (wolves or dolphins), red hot cowboys, Fae Princes, historical Yukon Gold Rush, paranormal ping-pong fights…Or I could write up something new- Val’s cat shifter?

    Let me know, and I hope you enjoy the contest!!

  8. Susie AKA Susilien Says:

    Hi T & Jam,
    I love this contest Idea! I went for one day to Lori’s last year. It was good. I was totally lost most of the time. I wish I could go, but money is very tight this year and I just can’t afford the gas money.

    Have a wonderful time, meet lots of people, and enjoy!

  9. Charlotte Pinder Says:

    I wish I could come to this event and meet you all. Sadly as I’m in the UK financial reins make this sort of trip impossible. Have a great time and enjoy yourselves lots and a litttle bit extra for me. Vivian anything you post will be greatly appreciated to tide me over until your 2nd Granite Lake Wolves book comes out.

  10. Nancy Gilliland Says:

    I wish I could be at Lori’s get together. Since I can’t I’ll join y’all here instead. As for your snippet, Viv, can we have something related to Wolf Signs? I want something more on TJ.

  11. Connie Northrop Says:

    Seriously cool contest! Thanks for thinking of it.

  12. Sorry I missed going to Lori’s gettogether. had to miss last year cause son granduated and this year not too sure i’d still have a job so I didn’t even try. I’d love to win this goody bag. Hopefully I get to go back next year.

  13. Hi and Wow! This is awesome for us who can’t go! Thank you!
    Please count me in too!

  14. Natasha A. Says:

    Yeah! thanks ladies!!!

  15. Jeanne' Says:

    Congrats on the get together. As usual, I am stuck at home :0(

  16. Viv- definitely shifter, wolves :o)
    Thanks for the contest ladies, you’re awesome!

  17. leaving a response since I do not get to come to the event.

  18. Jennifer Says:

    Thanks for having the contest for those of us not attending! Great idea – Hope you all have a WONDERFUL time though.
    Thanks again, Jen

  19. I can’t go either, sobbing. Thanks for thinking of us who can’t make it to Lori’s. That is very thoughtful.

  20. I’d so love to be in for this! I was just posting on the above post about you all going! Looking forward to hearing about this all! This is neat to join in on your fun there in the way we can! Thanks! And would be a joy to be in the contest. Thanks!

  21. Sigh so many things to do and not enough time for Lori’s. Though I stayed in the same hotel where everyone will be gathering back in January (guess that is as close as I will get)

    Would love to win!

  22. Stephanie Says:

    Oooo!! Look at the fun going on around here!! Thank You Ladies for thinking of us travel-challenged. I the muses offer lots of inspiration at the conference for you to partake in.
    TJ- I would love to see what you have up your sleeve for dolphine shifters or Fae princes. TY!

  23. delitealex Says:

    Great contest. I hope you have a good time.

  24. […] Home contest International Heat is running a Staying Home Contest for those of you not going to the Lori Foster Get Together. All this week if you leave a comment on […]

  25. Kimmy L Says:

    WOW tHis looks great.

  26. I hope you all have loads of fun. I’m sure you will! And thanks for thinking of us.

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